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QUESTWestchester, PA

Quest is a hippotherapy program that also has a clinical affiliation with a local university to teach physical and occupational therapists.   We provided master planning and design services for the program at Quest which consists of an indoor arena, mounting area, observation room, treatment room, administrative offices, therapy room, and 9 stall barn, wash stall, storage and feed areas, and service areas and parking.  We worked with the client through the Special Exemption process to secure the zoning for the site.  This project was completed in 2004.

Sandra McCloskey said of the completed facility: “As we approach the third anniversary of the completion of the building of our indoor arena and treatment center, I am reminded that the stability afforded our program by this building has allowed us to achieve so much of what we have today.  Our building is what many programs only dream of having: over 2,000 square feet of fully equipped therapy rooms, offices, a kitchen and a beautiful reception area with a viewing window overlooking our heated and cooled indoor arena with dust free footing."

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QuestQuest, Westchester, PA