Frederick, Maryland
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Architects and Planners

Firm Overview and PhilosophySeth Harry & Associates, Inc. Architects and Planners, is a full-service architecture and urban design firm specializing in the conceptualization, design, and implementation of traditional mixed-used neighborhoods and communities, based upon New Urban and Smart Growth principles, and informed through a public-participatory planning process, and the building traditions and regional influences of Place.

We are dedicated to the creation of healthy, resilient, and environmentally sustainable communities of exceptional quality, through the strategic enhancement of existing cities, towns and villages, or through the thoughtful planning, design and realization of new places which share those same features and attributes.

We have specific experience with regional land-use and transportation planning issues, including transit-oriented developments (TODs), form-based coding (FBCs), and sustainable/ green codes and standards. Our philosophy and approach strikes a measured balance between economic development, in the form of sustainable commerce, which includes the nurturing of local businesses and regional enterprises, in the form of sustainable commerce, and a healthy and diverse planet.Back to Main Menu

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