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CAYALAGuatemala City, Guatemala

Cayala is a new infill traditional mixed-use community, master planned by Leon Krier and currently under construction in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Mr. Krier was assisted in this effort by the firm of local architect Juan Pablo Rosales and Estudio Urbano, Richard Economakis, and others, who collectively provided implementation and technical support for the project, including helping to organize the original master planning effort and subsequent architectural charrettes, followed by a comprehensive technical brief used to guide the first phase of construction.

Seth Harry and Associates, Inc. provided the retail and commercial development master plan and implementation strategy for the overall project during the initial design charrette, as well as a subsequent detailed merchandising plan for the first phase, including a full-service grocery store, which is currently being implemented.

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Cayala, Guatemala CityCayala, Guatemala City, Guatemala