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FIVE-MILEQueenstown, New Zealand

Seth Harry and Associates, Inc., was part of a team of planners responsible for the master plan and implementation strategy for a proposed infill mixed-use project on the edge of downtown Queenstown, on the south island of New Zealand.

The firm’s specific role was in developing and illustrating the merchandising and implementation approach for the community’s commercial mixed-use center, based upon the plan concepts developed by the team.

The town center was designed and programmed to offer a broad array of retail offerings situated in unique merchandising sub-districts, specifically designed to support those uses, intended to create a dynamic shopping environment that can experienced in a variety of ways, and time frames. The architecture was intended to be a contemporary reflection on the area’s local building traditions and materials, as well as the dramatic natural surroundings of the Queenstown area.

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Five-MileFive-Mile, Queenstown, New Zealand