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Form-Based Codes At Seth Harry & Associates, Inc., we appreciate the value and usefulness of form-based codes as a preferred alternative to conventional, single-use Euclidean zoning.  We have experience in crafting form-based codes that consistently deliver compact, walkable mixed-use built environments based primarily on urban structure and building form.  Form-based codes provide the ability to generate predictable results for the built environment while allowing an appropriate range of expression in the design of individual buildings through standards and regulating plans adopted as formal ordinances in lieu of conventional zoning

Our form-based codes have been applied in a range of contexts, from urban and suburban infill and redevelopment, to new, green-field development, helping to manage and guide development in a more appealing, sustainable fashion.   Our comprehensive codes include regulating plans, building form and envelope standards, public space standards, architectural standards, and landscaping standards.  We have extensive experience and knowledge with a variety form-based code formats, including the SmartCode.See Projects Back to Main Menu

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