Frederick, Maryland
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Residential Architecture

Our portfolio of residential architecture includes new construction, remodels, and additions, designed to a high level of detail specific to each house’s individual context and owner’s needs.  We work closely with out clients to achieve high value through quality design, long-term relevance, and sustainability, while meeting their goals and aspirations for their new or expanded home.  Every house we design is specific to its climate and location and we understand the importance and value of sustainable materials and design, from the first sketch to a built project.

This approach also informs our work with production builders on our larger, traditional neighborhood developments, where we offer a wide variety of established residential building types and styles specifically tailored to New Urban applications.

Each residential project presents a unique opportunity for us to work in concert with our clients to create a beautiful, functional, home, uniquely tailored to their budget and their needs, in a way that reflects their tastes and lifestyles.

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