Frederick, Maryland
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Retail / Mixed-Use Design

Seth Harry & Associates, Inc.’s comprehensive background and experience in the retail design field has expressed itself in retail and mixed-use projects throughout the world.  We understand the specialized needs of retailers and how retail spaces and storefronts need to respond to those needs differently, depending upon the physical setting and market context.  Our retail design capabilities are strengthened by Seth Harry’s previous experience as Design Director with the Enterprise Development Company, where his design expertise was critical to the realization of many of Enterprise’s most successful projects.

One of the most valuable aspects of Mr. Harry’s broad experience in the retail industry has been his ability to translate conventional retail standards and market considerations into effective physical planning, merchandising and design strategies for both traditional and new urban commercial precincts.   The firm creatively employs the skills of place-making to accentuate and enhance the retailing environment to greater effect, resulting in improved sales and market penetration.

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