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Suburban Retrofit - Infill and Redevelopment

At Seth Harry and Associates, Inc., we believe that the ongoing redevelopment of existing, auto-centric suburbs into a network of transit-capable, walkable, mixed-use centers is crucial to the long-term health of our planet and as a vision for the future which will help us achieve both food and energy security, and a better life for our children. 

Working within existing suburban fabric, our suburban infill and redevelopment projects incrementally generate market-feasible, walkable, mixed-use, transit-supportive urban environments that are convenient, functional and coherently legible, where only unattractive, car-dominated sprawl once existed. 

By recognizing that conventional suburban development is the unintended consequence of well-intended but misplaced thinking, based upon single-use zoning and restrictive underwriting standards, we have developed a well-tested expertise in new, form-based zoning techniques and strategies to help transform existing suburban environments into a more efficient, attractive, and sustainable model for living.

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