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Sustainable Development

Beginning with the professional training of its principal, Seth Harry and Associates, Inc., has considered the larger implications of place form on the built environment, and its broader impacts on the larger environment, consistently making sustainability a fundamental component in everything we do.

To that end, we have been a leading proponent of “Green Design” and sustainable development in our own practice and in our professional relationships.  Our work includes comprehensive regional land-use and transportation planning using a broad spectrum of recognized performance criteria to reduce VMT through locational efficiencies, enhancing both air and water quality and minimizing resource depletion.  Our work also looks at the spatial implications of urban form on consumer markets and the local production of essential goods and services. 

Sustainable Commerce is a project related to our design work that looks at the role that commerce and trade can play, when properly enabled by urban form, in creating an efficient and durable development framework that supports healthy and robust regional economies. Visit Sustainable Commerce.com Back to Main Menu

Sustainable Commerce