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Transit-Oriented Developments

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is an increasingly important development type aimed at providing mobility options through the attractive and convenient availability of transit, set within walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods that offer a full range of housing types, land-uses, and commercial services.   We understand the importance of leveraging the value existing and proposed transit routes through the ongoing redevelopment and intensification of land-uses surrounding such nodes and corridors, and in the planning of transit-ready communities in anticipation of, and as justification for, future transit centers.

Our TOD projects span the globe, a sampling includes the design of a new regional sub-center based upon the expansion of an existing regional commuter rail system outside of Brisbane, Australia; producing a master plan exploring the redevelopment potential of two East Baltimore neighborhoods in anticipation of the expansion of an existing light-rail line; and leveraging the value of transit through the strategic master planning and redevelopment and a station-area district for a new light-rail system in Seattle, Washington.

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Highlandtown/Greektown Transit Center