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Town Centers

Town Centers, the heart of any great neighborhood, should express the mixed-use nature of walkable communities, by infusing the public realm with commercial, residential, and civic uses. Seth Harry and Associates, Inc., designs town centers for new  and existing communities, including suburban infill and/or retrofit commercial districts, in addition to providing planning, design, and strategic positioning services to help enhance or improve existing centers in traditional neighborhoods and towns.

The range of our expertise and capabilities, which includes architecture, market analysis and merchandising strategies, makes us uniquely qualified to design attractive, market-feasible mixed-use environments which can function as both the center of a community and as a vibrant and successful shopping destination. We understand the importance of well-crafted merchandising plan, offering an compelling array of goods and services, in an attractive setting, which maximizes the value and appeal of any neighborhood center, and that of the larger community in which it resides.  With our background and expertise, that’s what we deliver, every time

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Riverwood, Augusta, GA