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SOUTH CITY REDEVELOPMENT Christchurch, New Zealand

The riverside city of Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand, working through DPZ Pacific, commissioned Seth Harry and Associates, Inc., to craft an overall repositioning and infill redevelopment and revitalization strategy for their downtown.

The plan created incentives for new downtown housing, rationalizing existing merchandising clusters into a more coherent, regionally competitive framework, orchestrated a coordinated parking and transit program, and introduced new dining, entertainment, and other uses into the mix.

A new, greener, comprehensive approach to urban storm water management helped protect natural resources, while reducing regulatory impediments to new infill development, and a tired, historic pedestrian mall was reimagined as a new centerpiece linking a new transit station with the city’s riverfront.

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Christchurch South City RedevelopmentSouth City Redevelopment, Christchurch, New Zealand