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In anticipation of a future light rail station connecting Tacoma and Seattle, the City of Fife hired KPG, Inc and Seth Harry & Associates, to create a master plan for their downtown. Currently divided by I-5, the city has two additional major arterials running through it, both of which are suburban in character. The design calls for new access and exit points to and from I-5 to disperse traffic through the city so as not to overburden the single existing overpass connecting north and south Fife.

The master plan also calls for new street connections to add redundancy to the existing street network, alleviating congestion on the major arterials. New streets were placed thoughtfully, with consideration given to property lines and existing buildings.

The light rail alignment is shown north of I-5 and Pacific Highway, the major arterial through the city. These amenities led the design team to focus major density and redevelopment along that corridor. The existing city hall is located south of I-5 and is the impetus for locating a smaller scaled community and civic center there.

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