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Rob Odle: Planning Director for the City of Redmond, WA "Seth Harry and Associates were able to quickly and efficiently translate the existing community context into a feasible credible redevelopment strategy and overall vision and master plan for the city. This was accomplished using a variety of representational tools and graphic techniques, while consistently working toward an overall consensus and broad support for the plan, by effectively communicating the tangible benefits of sustainable development, including compactness, proximity to transit, walkability, and mixed-use. The practical merits of the resulting vision were confirmed by the market with the implementation of key aspects of the plan by a private-sector developer."Michael Busha: Executive Director of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council "Seth Harry and Associates is a great urban design, town planning, and citizen facilitation firm. When I became Executive Director of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in 1995, I hired the firm to work with us on the very successful Downtown Jensen Beach Charrette. This professional relationship has grown strong over the last 13 years, through dozens of public planning efforts at a variety of locations and scales throughout the Treasure Coast Region. The firm helped the Council pioneer and develop its charrette process - a transparent public planning and facilitation process which has proven itself successful on over 90 different occasions. I trust the firm to manage every aspect of the public planning process - from organizing the event with local community leaders, to facilitating the public planning sessions, and producing and implementing the citizen's master plan." Dyan Arkin: Community Planner and Development Coorinator for the City of Greensboro, NC "Seth Harry and Associates were part of the design and urban planning team that produced the master plan for Greensboro's Willow Oaks community, a $76 million mixed-income and mixed-tenure development initiative, planned in partnership by the City of Greensboro, the Greensboro Housing Authority, and residents of the redevelopment area. During a multi-day charrette, Mr. Harry and his staff displayed a remarkable talent not only for urban design, but for effective management and orchestration of the public process." Peter Katz: Author of "The New Urbanism""In his urban design work, there is usually no compromise when Seth attempts to 'meet the market' on its own terms; indeed, it's his grasp of those market realities that makes his work so innovative and respectful of the true urban structure. By contrast, less sophisticated urban designers simply dumb their work down for the market or revert to pat, but wholly unworkable, new urbanism solutions..."

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